What are the ages of Journey Camp, Preteen Camp, Children’s Camp?

Journey Camp students must have completed 7th-12th grade. If your church includes the 6th grade in your youth, then they are allowed to attend. Preteen Camp students must have completed 3rd – 6th grade. Children’s Camp students must have completed 1st – 3rd grade.

Can HLCCC accommodate a camper with special needs?

HLCCC will do our best to accommodate any camper with special needs. However, it important to contact HLC Registrar immediately to discuss possible accommodations. Due to the topography of the camp; some areas and activities may not be accessible or suitable for a camper with special needs. HLCCC rents a small fleet of golf carts during the summer. If you need to transport someone during camp, we may offer a golf cart for $40 per day. Prior to camp, contact us to request and confirm a golf cart is available. Camp leadership driving a golf cart can be flagged down and they will give a ride to a person in physical need.

What is the role of the Church Group Leader?

As the group leader you will be responsible to: Promote camp to students, inform parents of financial and registration deadlines; enlist qualified Adult Sponsors (complete required background checks and child protection training), manage your church’s online registration, collect and review all mandatory Medical/Liability Release documents to confirm properly signed and at least 30 days prior to camp mail final payment and required forms to HLC Registrar.

How many Adult Sponsors should we bring?

The church is required to provide 1 adult for every 8 students based on gender. For example, if there are 10 boys, there must be 2 male adult sponsors; and if there are 9 girls, there should be 2 female adult sponsors.

Do sponsors count as a camper?

Our camps are not supplemented by any organization, so to keep our fees low for student campers we charge equally for all campers. A camper is anyone coming to camp and staying with your group for the camp session. The price of an adult camper is the same as a student camper. Camp fees cover the cost of of all program activities, a bed space and food for the camp session.

What is required to be an adult sponsor?

The state of Texas requires the following in order to be an adult sponsor:

1.Background Check – both criminal and sexual offense (search must be within 1 year of camp date). HLCCC requires a copy of both searches. Copy must show all content of the report.
2.Child Protection Training – HLCCC has a state approved training program. You can purchase a DVD or get the manual from our website. HLCCC will need a copy of the certificate stating the adult passed the test after completing the training. (Training is good for 2 years of camp date)
3.Church Letter of Recommendation – A letter signed by the senior pastor or church staff, stating the person listed is recommended by the church. HLCCC provides a form to be used as the letter.
4.The sponsor must be 19 years of age before camp date.

What is the Adult Sponsor’s role/responsibility while at camp?

Adult sponsor’s general responsibilities will include: small group discussions, be an encourager, help facilitate recreation and/or water activities, decision counselor,disciplinarian, and bunkhouse supervisor for your church group. Each adult sponsor will attend a mandatory meeting scheduled for Day 1 of camp. The adult will receive information of their role and receive additional details pertaining to the overall camp schedule of activities. There will be a short meeting each morning, giving details of the day. One adult from each church should attend this meeting.

Photos & Videos

Photos are free to download as singles. The entire photo gallery for a camp can be purchased and downloaded as well. You can view all camp photos here.

What does a day at camp look like?

Morning – Quiet time, breakfast, worship, activity rotations based on your color group.
Afternoon – Continuing activity rotations along with lunch
Evening – Dinner followed by worship and a message (a decision time will be on one or more nights). Church group time will follow worship. Each church will be given a specific location for their church group to meet.

Who makes the plans for each camp?

HLCCC books all personalities. Camp is planned by camp administrators and a network of ministers and adult volunteers from participating churches. The leadership team meets 2 or 3 times to plan the next summer camps. We welcome the input of all adult leaders who are willing to serve on this team. Email register@highlandlakescamp for more details.

Can a family member or church member visit during camp?

Yes, but the church group leader should be made aware of this intent. Upon arrival, any non-registered guest must check-in at the Main office and be issued a “Day Guest” badge. Camp office staff will notify the church group leader for approval of the guest visit. If the guest desires to eat a meal the cost is $8.00 per person and must be paid at the Main office. The nightly worship service is open only to registered campers.

What is the Ring The Bell Ceremony?

The ceremony is to recognize and celebrate those students who have made a decision to follow Christ. They will have any opportunity to ring a large bell and have their name announced.

When is Camper deposits due?

Once the church leader has reserved camper spots, he/she should immediately mail to HLC the DEPOSIT FORM and payment to financially secure the reservation. If the deposit payment is not received by HLC within ten days the camper spots will be released and available for other churches. The deposit is part of the total fee for camp. The deposit is not refundable, but can be transferred to another camp for use as part of the deposit. Any unused deposit cannot be transferred to the balance of the camp.

When is the Camper final balance due?

The balance (Camp Fee less Deposit) is due by the deadline date of camp. The deadline date is 30 days before camp day. These deadline dates are specified on the “Check List”. Any balance due not received 30 days prior to camp will automatically be considered late and increased by $20 ($15 for Children’s Camp).

How do I pay for camp?

All camp payments are made through the Church attending camp. The church will mail a deposit check for the spots reserved, within 10 days of registering. The church will mail a check for the balance due along with the signed forms and postmarked by the deadline date for camp. The online registration system does not take any form of payment. If the church chooses to use a credit card, there is a process fee applied.

What is the cancellation policy?

HLCCC will refund a cancelled reservation less the deposit if both the written notification to HLCCC and the online cancellation are within the 30 day deadline date. Camp fees can be transferred to another camper. Any substitution made after the 30 day deadline date will be subject to the Late Rate for camp. There is no refund after the 30 day deadline date for each camp. We regret that we cannot refund or transfer your payment after this time.

What if I reserve spots and don’t use them?

The church group leader will need to release any unused reserved spots by the 30 day deadline date, to avoid financial obligation for the full balance of those spots. A cancellation form will need to be filled out and postmarked along with signed registration forms by the deadline date.

What is the dress code for camp?

Campers (students and adults) are expected to reflect a Christian example by their dress. Sponsors, parents, and church leaders are responsible for the clothing and appearance of the youth and adults attending camp. Modest skirts, dresses, shorts, and jeans are acceptable. Immodest short shorts or tops, small tank tops, tight clothing(yoga pants), spaghetti strap tops, distasteful designs or messages, or other extreme clothes are not acceptable. One-piece swimsuits are preferred. All other swim wear will require a dark colored t-shirt to be worn over them at all times including while in the pool. Campers may be asked to change their attire if an adult or HLCCC staff feels their dress is inappropriate. Boys should wear a shirt unless in the pool.

How will my students be housed?

Church groups will be housed by gender. Adult sponsors will be housed with their students. In most cases, there will be more than one church in a bunkhouse.

Can I bring my own children?

Non-camp aged children are not allowed to sleep in the bunkhouse. HLCCC has limited private housing during summer camps. We will do our best to accommodate a request for family private housing. Adult/student ratio must be met in the bunkhouse in order for an adult to use a hotel room. There will be no childcare or programmed activities for non-camp aged children. Contact Summer Camp Registrar for hotel housing availability and rates.

What do I need to do to register my church and reserve spots for camp?

HLCCC provides a registration system online through our website www.hlccc.org. The church leader will need to register their church and reserved spots needed for the desired camp. Instructions are available for the church leader, on the website.

How do parents register their student once my church has reserved spots for camp?

Parent Instructions will be provided to the church leader, to instruct the parent to go online and register their student for camp with your church. The church leader can make copies and distribute the instructions to the parent. The completed registration form must be printed and signed by the parent and student.The church leader will have the ability to go online and view their group, as well as print forms if needed.

How is medication administered at camp?

All medications (prescription or over-the-counter) brought to camp are given to the medical staff and secured at the Health Center. Medications will be administered as per RX label at the Health Center. No medications (including adult sponsor’s medication) will be left in the bunkhouse at any time. The parent and adult sponsor MUST complete and sign the “Medication Administration” form and place all medication (in original containers) in a zip-lock bag. Medications should be collected by the Church Leader before departing for camp. Do not pack medications in luggage. During check-in the HLC Medical Staff will collectall medications from the church contact person.

Tell me about medical insurance while at camp?

A secondary Medical Emergency insurance policy will be in effect for each person attending camp. This insurance is designed to provide limited coverage (in excess of a person’s own medical insurance). A medical claim will be filed only if it becomes necessary, due to accident or illness which may occur during involvement with camp. If a Medical Claim is filed: Be advised that if the policy coverage limit is exhausted any remaining medical fee(s) will become the financial responsibility of the student’s parent or legal guardian. It is recommended that each camper bring with them necessary proof of insurance (i.e. an insurance card showing policy number and how to contact your insurance company).

What do I (Church Leader) need to do prior to departing for camp?

1) Screen all campers for symptoms of illness or injury that would keep them from having a great camp experience. Unfortunately, at times we find ourselves sending a camper home who should never have come to camp because of sickness or injury. It is important not to have sick students in the bunkhouse with other students and other churches.
2) Collect all camper medications. Confirm that parent has properly completed and signed the Medication Administration form. Each camper’s medication and administration form should be placed in a zip-lock bag with campers name and church. Bring the bags of medication to Check In upon your arrival at camp.

Can someone send mail while we are at camp?

Incoming mail is sorted by church groups and can be received by a sponsor each day at the Camp Office. Mail sent to campers should be addressed to: Camper’s Name (Church Group & which Camp Attending) Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center 5902 Pace Bend Rd. N., Spicewood, TX 78669

What other important information should I share with parents/church congregation?

Care Packages can be purchased through the Camp Highlands Gift Shop / Concessions. Parents can order gift cards, spirit shirts, etc. and add a personal note of encouragement for their camper. Click here for Care Package Ordering.

How much spending money should I bring?

During breaks and recreation time, HLC provides a conveniently located concession stand so students can cool off with a soft drink or pick up a snack.Items available will include: Soft drinks, bottled water, candy, & other snacks. Items cost: $0.50 – $3
Souvenirs and Camp T-Shirts are available at the Camp Highlands Gift Shop.Color Group Shirts, bandanas and other spirit items may also be purchased at the Gift Shop. Items cost: $1-$20