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02 Dec 2020

Even if only for a single night. This piece is especially for you. It seems I am to be given a gift yet again. And don't let them have too many sweets either! Of course, I count myself among those that you spoil with love. Suddenly the sky flashes green, and they watch the emerald sunset together. If you step out of bounds, even for a moment, it will be hard to return. After (Captain) and the crew rescue the old woman who tricked them, Lyria and Vyrn are sent back to the market. If it is, then conversing with you now at this very instant is also my moment of happiness. Good luck trying to get Eden out of your chest after he stabs you with it. Vyrn and Lyria certainly seem to be enjoying themselves. It's too bad, but I may never be able to fully appreciate the revelry of Halloween after all. Just like his Grand version, his skills are named after. I've come to repay you for your gift last month. Gran Blue Fantasy (GBF) - Event - My First Valentine Lyria Part Episode 3. Let's watch the sunrise together again next year. So they represent an opportunity for the wearer to assume a different form for a night? I tried to scare people like you skydwellers do, but it doesn't suit me. That's not the dawn you meant? I've come to learn that bewildering people isn't as straightforward as it seems. This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 01:44. That feeling when you play Granblue Fantasy first, got mesmerized by Lucifer/Lucio (and his fate ep along with What Makes the Sky Blue). Lucio was just making sure he could see, like a good friend would! Confirmed cast members are reprising their respective character roles in the anime.Although Gran is the main character for the anime, Djeeta will still appear as the \"Promo Captain\" for advertisements and promotional material. I understand you have something to tell me... The oldest overall would have to be Lucio and Helel ben Shalem, trumping over everyone else by a gigantic amount. That's a tough question. In time the predicted calamity was revealed to have been set in motion by Lucilius, who wished to bring an end to the entire sky realm. What is this place? Please note that things related to the main story (such as characters, primal beasts, e.t.c) are not recorded extensively here (yet) as those are lores easily available to all players. GBF wmtsb 000 spoiler: at the ending Sandalphon ask Lucio why he looks like Lucifer-sama, Lucio answer: everyone has at least 3 (4? I really like seeing the theories, etc. Again I couldn't decide upon a tangible gift that was suitable. Others derive no joy in the absence of your own. Despite that, her fans from the previous games still flocked the GBF fandom, eventually waiting for more Forte-related here. Haha. so we had total of 2 time resets (if we include Gachapin story with akasha) and yeah how would this affect timeline/history manipulator like akasha Reblog. But I suppose it does no harm. It's a wonderfully enjoyable time.Now, may I eat the chocolates you've given me?Hm? When Olivia sees Lucio in her Skill Fate episode, she states that Lucio isn't as powerful as Lucifer, though she can't tell whether Lucio is an avatar or an impostor. For only the two of us to be here where no others can reach us...No, that was a rude question to ask.The fact that you came here with me is all I need to know. I pray that I shall be able to deliver you birthday blessings for many years to come. Lucio's lore has always been pretty interesting to me. Still, he continued to await contact from his master so he might continue fulfilling his role as Speaker. (Captain) and the crew make a supply stop, but find the island is facing a food shortage. Spending today with you, gazing at the sunrise. I don't mean predictions. In the sea of clouds beneath the Grandcypher, a magnificent show of illusions with both light and sound plays out. Zack Fair's Origins Explained Final Fantasy 7 + Crisis Core Lore - Duration: 25:54. "This is a perfect opportunity to express my thanks.Now. The upper skies are cold, so be sure to wear something warm. Gabriel: No. Some things to remember. Being given life on this world—that is an irreplaceable miracle. Used when this summon is called first in the combo. ID: 3040286000: Char ID: 3072: Uncap Limit: Blush Value A value between 0 and 3. that people have come up with regarding the WMtSB storyline, the Crimson Horizon, the Lucio… My birthday? Charge Attack . Here, (Captain). Sorry? That is the greeting that the people of this world use today, is it not?And there's a banquet tonight? This aroma — it's chocolate. At first I thought to bestow upon you the scenery from the sky.However, such a gift is not tangible, so I have also prepared this.Here. You want to know what you can find here? You say it's the day we met? Charge Attack; Icon Name Effect; Ain Soph Aur : Massive Water … Lucifer offers Sandalphon a bondage session. Created by the Omnipotent as a Speaker, their servant, he was given the name Helel ben Sahar and was tasked with spreading the Omnipotent's words and their will among the people of the realm they created. It's just I don't particularly understand the minds of people yet.However, I now see that you were concerned about me spending the holidays alone.Just knowing that you are there brings me joy, (Captain). Don't let those two out of your sight... I tried it on other crew members too, but they just stared at me. I thought about wearing a costume to disguise my appearance, but the better the disguise, the more persistent the candy-givers become. No Archive Warnings Apply; Lucifer/Lucilius (Granblue Fantasy) Lucifer (Granblue Fantasy) Lucilius (Granblue Fantasy) Fluff; Domestic Fluff; Sick Character; Summary. You have the main quest, which tells one long and complete story (and again, there's no summary of that main quest, so the only way to learn about it is to play the game), but that's only the tip of the iceberg. I'm glad to see you this new year as well. Attributes Rarity Element Style Type 02 06 Voice Actor Recruit Condition Preferred Weapon Parameters Minimum ATK Maximum ATK Minimum HP Maximum HP 1460 7310/8760 210 1040/1250 Skills Icon Name Cooldown Duration Level Obtained Effect Shadow Barrage 7 turnsLvl 45:6 turns - Lvl 1 ⇧ Lvl 45 ⇮ Lvl 80 Deals Dark damage 3 times among random targets. Lucio (Grand) Sandalphon (Event) ... Persona 5 was GBF-lore heavy, Precure had so much respect to its franchise and Code Geass presented a very good what-if situation aside from giving justice to its featured characters), it never felt significant and it even had the balls to tease players about μ’s. 206 notes ... angel lore comic. Oh, I do apologize! Later, Sandalphon treats Lucio to a cup of coffee, and the two grow ever so slightly closer. Let's learn GBF Lore: What exactly is this world like? Why do people listen to their whispered lies? Knowing you, I assume you wished for the happiness of others. Not only is she nice, she will obliterate you. The name Lucio is an Italian given name derived from the Latin name “Lucius”, and translates to “Light” in English. Happy birthday, (Captain). It can also be played on mobile phones, with apps available on Android and iOS … Thank you for gracing me with another year of Valentine's Day gifts.When this day comes around, spending time in this place almost feels natural.Are you fine with this though, (Captain)? Thank you, (Captain).Haha. To watch the dawning sun in this sky is a real treat... Ah, greetings, (Captain). Tags. It's very kind of you, but I think perhaps Vyrn would enjoy it more than I... What was it... Ah yes, happy holidays. But this is a very welcome gift. Cagliostro and Vania also gets tons of fanart, unsurprising since they're both quite cute, powerful and also for the former because Evil Is Cool and being a self-made Gender Bender , while the latter because vampires are popular in general. This is proof enough that you extend your love and grace to each and every member aboard your ship. Shoudnt be too hard, as i already said that Universal GBF is kinda set in stone at this point. Why... Why was I given this form that mortals find so beautiful? All of Lucio's skills are named after songs by progressive metal band. 157 notes. You may look now, (Captain). The sky god wished to recreate the sky realm while the Astral god opted to leave and create an entirel… You're all truly perplexing beings. It basically encompasses a lot of what the main story has been very slowly building up to despite Lucio not appearing in the main story. He confronted the Singularity with these mixed feelings in a dream. We have arrived.This year I wanted to give you this splendid view.Yes. nky911 . And so tonight, when everyone is fast asleep, would you please come to my room? I can't leave the ship today. Thank you, (Captain)! I found her lore while lurking around the Youtube comments. But the connection that remains beating secretly in our hearts is forever.Let us spend this time together, reveling of fine days, drinking of cocoa, and staring at the stars above.There now. Driven by hunger, Lyria and Vyrn are tricked into entering the lair of an otherworldly being. It will be thousands of years before any person finds this place, let alone any monster... Final Fantasy Union Recommended ... [GBF] Lucio - happy valentine's! Right?I find this behavior fascinating. I'll proudly accept it. Your mighty heart will carry you far, helping you overcome any hardships that sail your way. (Can be read independently from the Beast series). Greetings, (Captain). It's truly perplexing. When I think of Valentine's Day, this place is all I can imagine. But be careful. Understood? You can look around if you want. Thank you, (Captain). Is that what you call happiness? I think people are completely skipping the biggest hint in the game of who Lucio really is. Sadly, there's no such thing as a comprehensive guide or compendium of the lore or the story. Therefore, please accept my heartfelt blessings this year as well. What I am more curious about is the simple joy they seem to illicit. Come on. I speak, of course, about the strength within. Hm. It was not my intention to preach. I'll see you later tonight. ; Icon Name Obtained Effect ; The Morning Star : Lvl 1: 3% boost to I too want to get my fortune told.Do you know of such an oracle? This is in return for Valentine's Day, (Captain). I'm looking forward to it already. Oh? I can't say that I've grown accustomed to speaking such a greeting. I wish you all the best. I wish this moment could stretch on forever. I'd like to share this profound experience with you. Lucio warns (Captain) that the otherworldly beings will continue to come after Lyria and Vyrn. They regard these thoughts as precepts, rules for living. He chose not to interfere in his master's conflict with ancient humans even after it resulted in the splitting of the Omnipotent into two conflicting and opposed sides; the god of the skies and the god of the stars. Unfollow. It is warm cocoa.It will last only for a fleeting moment. maybe i don’t hate the world, since that day, i haven’t cared about others but you Language: English Words: 650 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 3 I'm afraid today may be a bit dangerous for me to go out... Another senseless war could erupt, so I shall remain here for a while. However, I was overcome by a mysterious feeling while watching from afar. Haha. Created by the Omnipotent as a Speaker, their servant, he was given the name Helel ben Saharand was tasked with spreading the Omnipotent's words and their will among the people of the realm they created. Unfollow. Heh. The Granblue Fantasy Lore Collection. His first skill's Japanese name is "Eve of Seduction". Do you enjoy it so?If that's the case, then I am glad to meet you here.Before I was under the impression that Valentine's Day was an event that led only to conflict.However, after spending time alone with you, I believe it an occasion to chat freely with you. Pray. By the way, do you enjoy the stars? He wields his immense power in order to bring peace to all, aiding those who have been consumed by darkness. Story in Granblue Fantasy is an extremely messy business. Sorry? To explain it in your language, I would need a few days at least. Hold on to my hand tight. Right after I tasted my new cereal I immediately had to get on my PC and play some QP, choosing Lucio of course. Happy holidays. I'll be spending the day here. This is a real surprise! Lucilius is the main antagonist of the What Makes the Sky Blue storyline. I thought long about what I should get you... After mulling it over, I decided something tangible wouldn't be enough. Soon they are all reunited at the market and Lucio gives Vyrn an apple. But negotiations failed and Lucio was forced to feign being defeated by Lucilius, waiting inside the latter's core for the right moment to trap Lucilius in a space between dimensions which would serve as an eternal prison. If I go outside, I might cause a commotion... You look as happy as a child when you're at the beach, (Captain). Thank you, (Captain). I can feel your eagerness without you needing to utter a single word.If we could spend time like this again next year, it would make me very happy. Then allow me to keep you company. Then again, I suppose I can understand a mortal's longing for new experiences. Why? At first I thought they were humoring me with surprise, but then it struck me that they were captivated by my face. Ah, then perhaps I should give you a tour. Lucio is a vision of beauty, laid before him like a work of art made to be worshiped. では子供のようです. Initially Lucio tried to convince Lucilius to abandon his plan and his rebellion against gods, hoping to reach some common understanding as Lucilius was an Astral created in Lucio's image. May you have the blessings of my master. He works especially well with Stamina-based Light gridsrevolving around maintaining high HP, but is also useful for players at any stage of the game. If I do, then everyone will attempt to give me candy. He asks to be called Lucio, but will reveal nothing more about his true identity. Welcome to the Granblue Fantasy Wiki, a wiki dedicated to everything about the role-playing video game Granblue Fantasy (グランブルーファンタジー GuranburÅ« FantajÄ«), developed by Cygames, as well as its anime adaptation. Are these... chocolates? I'd heard that today is the day you were born, (Captain). It's basically an ... Soriz is currently the oldest male human crew member in GBF whose age we ... Rosine is the oldest human crew member at the age of 80. I do apologize for declining to attend the party last year. Now then, (Captain). I'll take you on a special journey through the sky, to a place far above where the Grandcypher can sail. After reaffirming himself in his new stance, he left his role as observer and decided that it was fine to simply continue living on and to use his powers for the well-being of the skies. What you own will be at the mercy of RNG (random number generator). Curious, however, that the psychology of skyfarers dictates they would desire to look gruesome. Yuki Onna 84 views. What? #3 - Duration: 1:02. He chose not to interfere in his master's conflict with ancient humans even after it resulted in the splitting of the Omnipotent into two conflicting and opposed sides; the god of the skies and the god of the stars. I am really out of the loop with lore and story in general and will have to take time off for that. LUCIO OHS!! Lucio: You’ll die. The sky god wished to recreate the sky realm while the Astral god opted to leave and create an entirely new world based on the one they had left, neither paying attention to the fate of the Speaker. Lucio is a powerful attacker but requires ramp-up time to reach maximum efficiency, making him better in longer battles or in short battles that will also take more than 1 turn. Decided to know him more and follow him to his original lore in Rage of Bahamut (Shingeki no Bahamut) only to find out … Yes. Just a small correction, Lucio’s lore/The lore you mean is based around the “Creation Myth” on how the world of Granblue Fantasy came to be, not necessarily the Primarch lore as it’s greater than that as the end of 000 would explain. The English translation opted for a different song, "Revelation", before later switching to "Walls of Babylon", yet another song by the band. But material possessions are the seeds of war, and I must stay true to my beliefs. Just remember, (Captain). His unequivocal genius and transcendent will led to many breakthroughs that would shake up the world—notably the birth of the original primal beasts. Sandalphon has higher C.A. Sensing an upcoming calamity that could befall the sky realm and wishing to protect the world his master created and its inhabitants, he decided to join the Singularity, the only known living human with the power to alter course of fate itself, assuming a new name to hide his true identity as a god's servant - Lucio. (Captain) and Lucio soon arrive at the ready. Eitherway revision thread should go first then how it will affect characters involved in the creation myth such as Helel and how we will scale his skydweller avatar and his true form (the one that can send people to heaven and lock belial and Lucio). Ah, I'm sorry. Any major revision thread will get my stamp of approval as long as it dosnt grossly contradict the knowledge i currently have. I believe this will become a beautiful memory for us both. Take my hand. Vyrn wakes (Captain) to say that monsters are attacking the Grandcypher. But despite our differences, we've all come together to celebrate your life. Granblue Fantasy (グランブルーファンタジー) is a free-to-play, browser-based Eastern RPG developed by Cygames and released in 2014. Another year's worth of strength has been added to your frame. Have some candy. Times like this are so peaceful. Vanialla amazing deliciousness. The two share apples as she looks on with a smiling face. Come. Now, if you’ve been playing GBF for a good while already and are part of a Tier A crew then fast tracking your EX+ kills for more meats is definitely something you’ll aim for especially when the upcoming advantage is already a good element in your account; that said, some people actually does have a hard time forming teams that can pull off the OTK stunt. Support Skills Does not work from the backline unless explicitly stated. To the upper strata we will go, where not a cloud can obstruct our view of the night sky's unparalleled beauty. Lyria and Vyrn fight over the apple until the old woman offers them more to eat. His summon and it's description: This glorious six-winged warrior serves the great being who rules over justice and eternity. As I observed the smiles and laughter of that wintery scene, I felt a warmth spreading across my chest. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. If you could discretely guide me to one, I would appreciate it. The young man later finds (Captain) on the Grandcypher, and through a memory explaining his goal to defend this world from the beasts of the Crimson Horizon, he convinces (Captain) to let him join the crew. This cereal gave me the stamina I needed to hold the point on Ilious Lighthouse, securing multiple environment frags, leading my team to victory with gold healing and silver elims. Today I'm very eager to repay you in kind. Follow. Follow. For thousands of years he took on the role of observer, watching over the two realms as they changed and evolved, acting only to deal with threats outwith the gods' powers. I must ask, why do people relish in donning costumes for Halloween? He does your goddamn laundry, what the hell is wrong with you??? I'll always be watching over you on your journey through life. Yes, of course I spend it alone...Now why have you given me this plate of food, (Captain)? Then I shall try to pass the time without sowing any seeds of unrest at your gathering.But spending this holy night alone would be sad, you say? I suppose that would be the day I was created... At a theater a young man calls out to (Captain) and claims to know the truth about the Crimson Horizon legend, but his handsome features get him tangled up in a fight. Now that I think about it, it is rather strange that our crew is composed of vastly different individuals. This Astral was the head researcher of a research lab. Yes, I already understand that there is meaning behind each individual costume. 1 Overview 2 Abilities 3 Strategy 3.1 Weapons & Abilities 3.2 General strategies 4 Match-Ups and Team Synergy 4.1 Tank 4.2 Damage 4.3 Support 5 Story 5.1 Background 5.2 Synaesthesia 5.3 Numbani 5.4 New Year's Eve 5.5 Rio 6 Achievements 7 Trivia 8 Videos 8.1 Official 8.2 Curse 9 Balance Change Logs 9.1 April 11, 2017 9.2 November 15th, … But as his research into evolution progressed, he drew his own conclusions about the gods' designs and … Hm... Well let me think. What did you pray for on your first visit to the shrines on New Year's Day? Well, you said you wanted to tell me in private! Oh, you've been awake all this time? Ah! Inside a dream (Captain) visits another one of Lucio's memories and is warned that otherworldly beings have come to this world. How do I usually spend the holidays? Aboard the Grandcypher alongside Singularity and their crew, he waits for the day when he can ask his master the true purpose behind himself, the world, and all living beings. Everyone prays for their loved ones during this season. Melissabelle's unlocking weapon "Split End" is treated like a scythe, because that's how her Prehensile Hair forms when she is in combat. Lucio explains that her wriggly extensions must be removed in order to save her as (Captain) and the crew prepare to fight. What fun. Last year I took you high above to peer at them, but this year I plan to make a small change. The bulk of your characters will be determined by gacha.However, It's hard to understand the ways of this world. Thank you for the gift you gave me, (Captain). To bring harmony and happiness to this realm... To be a beacon of light for this world... Bring me the girl with the blue hair and the little dragon, and I will grant you any wish... グランデフェス開催&新キャラクター水着バージョン「ルシオ」「アーミラ」紹介のお知らせ,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike, Pure, righteous, and beautiful people; good deeds. This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 01:43. Happy birthday, (Captain). granblue fantasy lucio helel ben sahar gran a draw. And you're waiting for the new dawn? +[Passive 1 - The Morning Star] : Lucio will gain 4% Light attack up per turns, while having 3% dark defense down. A character's Lúcio is a Support hero in Overwatch. But it's not simply about how you look. Oh, but imagine how pointless it would be for me to wear a costume—I would be found out immediately. Trick or treat. Lucio and Sandalphon run into each other on the beach just before sunset, and Lucio says he wants to become friends with Sandalphon so he can stop hurting him. If that is what you wish to see, I can show it to you right now... Congratulations on another birthday, (Captain). The otherworldly being is defeated, but the old woman who lured Lyria and Vyrn to the lair is consumed by her desire to see her granddaughter again and turns into a monster. (Can be read independently from the Beast series). The fact that I am able to celebrate this joy with you yet again is a true manifestation of happiness. Level 45: Damage … The Grandcypher is filled with delight today, isin't it? I'm not really the type of person to theorycraft lore stuff, but I do find the lore of GBF fascinating. It is used exclusively for Nina Drango's skills. Some believe that Lucio is a disguise of Lucifer, but Lucifer believes in non-interference whereas Lucio approaches the Captain on his own to seek his aid against the Otherworldly Beings. I am going to eat them right in front of you.The other day I overheard someone saying something to the effect of, "The best thanks for a gift of food is the smile of delight after the gift has been imbibed. Ah, indeed you could say that was the birth of Lucio! Thank you for the Valentine's Day gift. He started to wonder if perhaps the world's current state was already perfect and no longer in need of evolution thanks to living creatures and their ability to support each other and compensate their own weaknesses. After all, it was not only the power of Supreme Primarch that saved the world but the combined strength of many different forces. Capped after 10T with 40% light attack up and 30% dark defense down. ; Lucio's penchant of referring to himself as a stage and theater manager now makes a lot of sense with The Reveal in "What Makes The Sky Blue: 000", that he is a speaker of the gods in Granblue Fantasy's creation myth, or rather, the god's proxy. I used to count the festival fires burning on each island from way up high. This man is the equivalent of GBF Jesus and YOUR genius plan is to try and fight him? After the calamity was halted and the visible threat was dealt with, he started to wonder if he still needed to perform his duties and if his master's wishes could really be good for this world. May the year ahead of you be a great one. Dark Souls 3 Lore of the Main Bosses - Duration: ... Lucio birthday 3 - Duration: 0:55. coolchulainn . Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! Go forth on this splendid day with my blessings, (Captain). You can find me on Reddit: /u/kei_mei. Ha. Yet securing your own happiness is a requisite for making that dream a reality. Down the hatch. gbf granblue fantasy lucio helel ben sahar lucio (gbf) my doodle what makes the sky blue 000.

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